Building Relationships

Understanding client requirements

Our team at SISCO Architecture has a wealth of experience working within the commercial sector on projects within Cambridgeshire and throughout the UK. Working in the commercial sector means ensuring you have the ability to deliver prompt, effective service for your client, on time and on budget. Over the past eight years since the formation of the practice, SISCO Architecture have built strong relationships with local contractors, structural engineers and external consultants, ensuring we are well placed to get your commercial project up and running as quickly and smoothly as possible.

All commercial clients are different. Some have extensive knowledge and experience in the construction industry and simply need a no-nonsence package of information in order to obtain the necessary approvals to get the project up and running on site. Others want the stress of managing the project taken off their shoulders and need an Architect to handle the works from conception to completion. Whatever your background and expections we can provide the level of service you require to get the job done.

Contract Administration

Guiding you through the Construction Phase

One of the most important roles of any Architect is administering a building contract between the Contractor and the Client. At SISCO Architecture Ltd, we take this role very seriously and draw on a wide of knowledge and experience to ensure the contract is managed fairly and professionally and the contstruction phase of your project runs as smoothly as possible.

As an RIBA Chartered Practice, we are qualified to administer any JCT Building Contract on your behalf. Once we understand your individual requirements, we will advise you on the correct choice of contract to suit the scope of your project and your expectations for the construction process.