Homebuilder’s Design Guide

Homebuilders Design Guide

Some Useful Tips Before You Start Your Building Project

4th July 2017

Homebuilding & Renovating have produced a series of three really useful guides for anyone considering undertaking a building project or engaging with an architect.

'Assessing your Architect' is all about the process of appointing an architect. It gives you a balanced overview of what to look for in an architect and a practice and emphasises the importance of the getting the early stages of the project right.

'How to Choose your Design Route' runs through the process of design and the types of the consultants you may choose to appoint depending on your circumstances. Its a useful overview of the design process and highlights thats theres no 'right' way to go about things, every project and every building is different and you need to decide what process suits you best.

'Beginner's Guide to Architectural Styles' is a useful article to read before your initial discussion with your architect. It gives a brief run through of the range of styles out there, and could help you consolidate your ideas.

You can download all three articles following the links below.

1 - Assessing your Architect

2 - How to Choose your Design Route

3 - Beginner's Guide to Architectural Styles